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      Technologies Case studies
      Technologies Case studies
      High barrier and acid resistant packaging
      Use of acid resistant functional layer makes the packaging acid resistant, which can effectively solve the problem of package expansion and delamination of acid food packaging.

      Technology: special acid resistant functional layer, basic composite technology
      Easy open cap seal
      Use of different heat sealing material formula to realize the easy open function of the cap seal with different material cups. This cap seal packaging can fulfill the food protection requirement and also increase the consumer experience.

      Technology: special functional heat sealing material, 3 layers co-extrusion film blowing or extrusion lamination technology
      Pharmaceutical packaging with high sealing strength of inner layer
      Structure of PET/MPET/PE (PE≤40um) with sealing strength of ≥3.5N/15mm, which is better than YBB00132002-2015 require of ≥2.5N/15mm.

      Technology: dry lamination, solven-less lamination technology, special materials
      Special-shaped/ Matt/ Bi-cavities/ Easy tear facial mask bag
      Special-shaped/ matt/ bi-cavities/ easy tear facial mask bag, will be more texture and attractiveness than traditional facial mask bag.

      Technology: Partial matt printing, die-cutting pouch making technology with easy tear PE formula